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Welcome to the online home of the Finest!

    The Finest consists of, simply put, the finest heroes to patrol the streets of Paragon City.  Whether going solo, or teaming up with fellow adventurers, the citizens of Paragon know their safety is assured.

    We are an active and growing SG running on the Guardian server that is open to any level of hero (and experience) looking to have a good time with a fun bunch of people.  the roster consists of a diverse grouping of powers, allowing for an on demand response to any threat that proves to be too much for 'ordinary' heroes.

    So, when you look to the sky at the flying silhouettes above, or hear of some random good deed, know that a member of The Finest is nearby and on the job.

The Finest News

Updated Ranks/ Roles

Snowburner, Jul 24, 09 4:40 PM.
Hey everyone, I just updated the roles to reflect our new titles.  Please check them out (on the left side of the screen) and see what you think. As always comments are appreciated!


New Events posted!

Da Wall, Jul 23, 09 9:05 PM.
There are some new events to join posted on the calendar, so please check them out.  

The new Finest factions!

Da Wall, Mar 10, 09 3:26 PM.
The Finest - Legends

We have a new faction for those members that have multiple 50th level characters, The Finest - Legends!  This allows people to keep their 'extra' 50s in the Finest and be rewarded for all the hard work.  Membership is limited to those members that are level 50 and is located on Guardian.

The Finest - Nature's Wild

A new faction created for all the heroic animal and plant based characters of our members!  The only requirements to join this faction is for the character to be either animal or plant based.  Nature's Wild is up and running on Guardian.

The Finest - Virtue's Vanguard

The Finest's foray into expanding into another server.  We currently have a team up and running on Thursday nights on Virtue and are expanding our membership onto Virtue.  If you have a toon on Virtue or are interested in running over there and want to run the Finest's colors, please join us in the fun!

Update to Rules and Ranks

Snowburner, Nov 28, 08 3:12 AM.
Ok.  I just updated the 'rank' info - linked on the home page, as well as the SG rules sections - linked on the home page and under the forums.  Please post feedback, positive or negative!


New Activities!

Snowburner, Nov 27, 08 11:33 AM.
Check out the upcoming December Events... Let me know what you think via the guildportal email or website forums!

There are no upcoming events.

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